InstantPot Applesauce

It's Fall season and while everyone else is jumping on the PUMPKIN train , I am all about the APPLE! Nic and I went to a farmers market the other week and bought a 40lb box of apples - that's right 40lbs! We have been making apple pies, apple crisps, pork chops and of course … Continue reading InstantPot Applesauce

Salmon Hash

Salmon Salad

I woke up feeling not 100% and wasn't sure if it was just allergies or something more. I didn't want to take any chances so for lunch I made this super nutrient dense salad. And it came together in less time than it took my husband to heat up his lunch of frozen hot dogs! … Continue reading Salmon Salad

Blueberry Cherry Gummies

I am a big fan of bone broth but when summer hits drinking a cup of hot broth doesn't sound that great to me so I look to gelatin when summer hits. Enter gummies! These fruit gummies are easy, refreshing and a great way to get in some gut healing nutrients which is found in … Continue reading Blueberry Cherry Gummies


Fresh Strawberry Pie

This is no joke my husbands favorite! I used to make this every summer for him but when I went paleo we couldn't eat the "original" anymore. So I set to work converting it. I went through many iterations before landing on this one--I had a hard critic. My husband kept telling me you need … Continue reading Fresh Strawberry Pie


Roasted Chicken

Roasted chicken is one of my go to recipes. It is a great and easy weeknight meal that can easily be turned into something else like pot pie, chicken soup or chicken salad. INGREDIENTS 1 Whole Chicken 1 Orange Sweet Potato 1 White Sweet Potato 4 Carrots 2 Celery Stalks 1 Onions 3 Cloves of … Continue reading Roasted Chicken