Weekly Menu

This past week was one busy week so we needed easy meals! Luckily we knew this ahead of time so we were able to plan accordingly.

Here is what we ate this past week:

Crab Cakes with grilled Veggies


Rosemary Steak with marinated mushrooms, grilled squash and sweet potato fries


Orange Sweet Potato with Lemon Kale and Chorizo topped with a drizzle of “sour cream”










We went out to eat this week to Beatrice and Woodsley. When I first started this new way of eating, I thought I would never be able to go out to eat. I now know not to let that stop me! I usually Yelp gluten free or farm to table restaurants and see what comes up. If I find a place that interests me I’ll give them a call and let them know what I am unable to eat and see if they can accommodate me. I have found that most places are pretty eager and willing to help! Below is what I ate and everything is dairy, gluten, grain, legume and egg free 😊

Carrot and parsnip soup sprinkled with shaved almonds

Braised Salmon with baby bok choy


Chocolate “Cheesecake” with a date & walnut crust topped with molasses “ice cream”


Hope you find some inspiration this next week with your menu!




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