Weekly Menu

Hey Everyone,

For all those Father’s out there – Happy Father’s Day! I hope y’all were able to enjoy your day!

This photo is an oldie but one I love because it was one of the first trips I was fortunate to take with just my dad. Throughout life he has been such an example of love, support, humor & intellegiance and has always believed in me!


Dad and I in Brussels, Belgium

I am so excited for the menu this week – it is a yummy one! Most of our meals from week to week are pretty similar we just switch out a thing or two. For example we usually have tacos a couple times a month but this week instead of beef we are switching it up with shrimp and coleslaw! Y’all its gonna be good! This is one of the things I have found that makes for easy meals. Once you find something that you like and can be easily made without a recipe try switching up the protein. It adds a fun and different take on the same old thing.

Cookin Carullo Week Menu.jpg

Hope y’all enjoy and able to find some new inspiration!


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